Coast to Coast
9 September 2017
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As at 21/09/2017 13:55

Full results for Expert competitors. The Fort William bike to run transition time cannot be removed because of an error in the setup of the exit control. We apologise for your disappointment.Please get in touch if you have any questions.

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Results by Team/Club

#RMFAO @ The Peak A Right Pair of Cubes
Adventurers Agony of Defeet All pain no gain
Allen Valley Velo andrew knowles Asanox
Awesome Chocolate Thunder Hippos Barry MacPherson Bearbrook Babes on Tor
Belles on Bikes Big Huns Billy No Mates
Black Dolphin BMF Edinburgh Bodger & Badger
Bods101 Bodypro BodyPro Training
Bonkers is good BRADLEY Brother Beyond
Cairn Terriers Cheeky FC Chopper
Chris Cooper CKC 3 CKC Team #1
CKC Team #2 CKC Team 5 CKC team#4
Cool Runnings Crawford cRetins
D&G Dave Dave & Ted
Dereks Wallabees Dirty wizards Dream bath
Dutch Lions Dutch Vikings Felthirst
Fire Breathing Rubber Duckies Forbes Fyfemeister Generals
Galsuoy Gariochatrics Goers
Grupetto Hart Fitness HEAVYWEIGHTS
Humpty dumpty Huw Thomas I can't think of any kayak puns.
Iain Taylor Insipere Inzpired Again
Inzpired Lunacy JAVID Jell
Jimmy Brennan John Hale Jonno
Kayan Kernow Riders Kindred Spirits
LAL Langers Legendario
Macqueen MagicFingers Marion Walker
Mark Crofts McClellan Smith Mee
Memmotts moment of madness for M Miriam Mitch
MLCC Morgan-Freeman Mountain Goats
MPDW Nic and Sal Novare Running Club
Outpaced by Jennings Part2 Pete Brown
Phelps & Phelpsy Phys for R&H Pint size perrett
PTVC PV Triathlon Witten Q
RAVI Rebel PT Redman & Greeves go large again
Reigators Robson & Boyle Sam Bromwich
Sheffield Star Shonky Sole Mates
Solobeans Stevie and ian Stubbsy's one man band
Suicide Squad Sully & Mike SuperMacs
Tam Graham Team athlos Team Be Bothered
Team Bostrom Team Cod TEAM HARRIS
Team Pootle Pedal Paddle Team Purple Team Sally
Team SiMi TEAM TEES Team TriGuru2
Terra Nova The Turtle Army The Wild Trovers
Tigers on Tour Train for Life / Sportlink TRIGURU No.1
True North Adventures Underachievers on tour V.C Adventure Racing
VC adventure racing Weir knackered Why did we say 1 day again?
Will Wolfgang Yella Jebba
Young Thrusters

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02-Oct-2017 17:34:37