Surrey Hills Challenge Ultra, Forty, Half
24 September 2017
Final Results

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Forty - 40Km

Pos'nNameClassClass PosnGenderGender PosnBibTimePace
1stMike Brock
The Forty - Run1stMale1st400403:54:4705:52
2ndRob Thorne
The Forty - Run2ndMale2nd402504:01:0406:01
3rdGeoff Tookey
The Forty - Run3rdMale3rd402804:06:2506:09
4thAndrew Jenkinson
The Forty - Run4thMale4th401704:08:5706:13
5thRichard Collyer
The Forty - Run5thMale5th400904:12:0706:18
6thCharlie Haslehurst
The Forty - Run6thMale6th401604:28:2806:42
7thDave Fellowes-Freeman
The Forty - Run7thMale7th401204:30:5306:46
8thStephen Southwood
The Forty - Run8thMale8th402404:40:3307:00
9thJaco Fourie
The Forty - Run9thMale9th401404:40:4007:01
10thSimon Myers
The Forty - Run10thMale10th401904:46:5507:10
11thTom Sefton
The Forty - Run11thMale11th402304:47:2507:11
12thDavid Pinchbow
The Forty - Run12thMale12th403404:50:2907:15
13thClaire Whittaker
The Forty - Run13thFemale1st403204:54:3807:21
14thSteve Drake
The Forty - Run14thMale13th401105:02:1307:33
15thRohan Blackman
The Forty - Run15thMale14th400305:03:3707:35
16thPhyl Weston
The Forty - Run16thFemale2nd403005:17:5607:56
=16thPaul Weston
The Forty - Run=16thMale15th402905:17:5607:56
18thMegan Casebow
The Forty - Run18thFemale3rd400805:19:5607:59
19thNicolette Hutton-Pickett
The Forty - Run19thFemale4th403505:27:3308:11
20thBrendan O'Donovan
The Forty - Run20thMale16th402105:29:0908:13
21stSara Giebelmann
The Forty - Run21stFemale5th401505:29:5008:14
22ndNigel Whiteoak
The Forty - Run22ndMale17th403105:39:4108:29
23rdJane Attew
The Forty - Run23rdFemale6th400105:50:4308:46
24thSusannah Atherton
The Forty - Run24thFemale7th400005:50:4408:46
25thCraig Tilbury
The Forty - Walk1stMale18th402606:54:2210:21
26thJulia Tilbury
The Forty - Walk2ndFemale8th402706:54:2310:21
27thAndrew Wood
The Forty - Walk3rdMale19th403307:29:4011:14
28thAngela Dixon
The Forty - Walk4thFemale9th401008:11:2112:17
29thMatthew Buckle
The Forty - Walk5thMale20th400509:14:5013:52
30thAnna Burns
The Forty - Walk6thFemale10th400709:22:0714:03
31stTracey Ford
The Forty - Walk7thFemale11th401309:22:1114:03
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26-Sep-2017 18:59:41